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ORU Volunteer Initiative Program



You have wisdom, life experience, and a love for the Oral Roberts university family. Now is the time to put your skills and talents to good use by volunteering with the ORU Volunteer Initiative Program. Whether you are available one day, one week, short-term, long-term, or every day, there are opportunities for you!

Make a difference and sign up with the VIP Ambassadors today! You could greet new students with a smile at the information desk at the Learning Resource Center or share your memories as you give a campus tour. You could usher at an ORU basketball game or event or even partner with an ORU Missions Outreach Team to help serve the Tulsa community. Whatever your interest or area of expertise, the Volunteer Ambassadors Program has a place for you!

What is VIP?

VIP is the Oral Roberts University Volunteer Initiative Program. With the VIP, alumni, family members, and friends can contribute their time, energy, and support to furthering the university’s vision.


Our Mission

The ORU Volunteer Initiative Program seeks to provide on-campus help, encourage community outreach, and provide recruitment opportunities by connecting alumni, family members, and friends of the university to its students, staff, and faculty.

Not only does the VIP bolster the efforts of Oral Roberts University, but it also provides volunteers a deep sense of purpose as they connect with the ORU Family and the Tulsa community in a meaningful way.

For alumni, family, and friends that live outside of the Tulsa area, VIP offers an opportunity to become a Global Recruitment Ambassador. These Ambassadors receive educational and materials intended to promote ORU that they can use in recruitment opportunities at schools and churches within their own community. Learn more here.

Who is eligible for VIP?

Ambassadors can be retired seniors, alumni, family, friends, and anyone with a heart for Oral Roberts University. Although VIP maintains a high level of excellence and professionalism, we sustain a low barrier to entry with the aim to include and connect like-minded people that have a desire to support ORU.

Alumni, family, and friends that live outside of the Tulsa area are also eligible to become Global Recruitment Ambassadors with new student recruitment opportunities and more.

Additionally, high school students ages 14 and up may apply to become a Junior Ambassador, where they can serve in additional roles within VIP.  More info here.

What do Ambassadors do?

Each Ambassador may participate per his/her own prerogative, whether that is once a month, once a week, every day, or sporadically. VIP offers a wide range of activities and opportunities to choose from. The ORU Volunteer Initiative Program offerings include:

• Campus Tours
• Prayer Tower Tours
• College Weekend Experience
• New Student Registration
• Information Desk Duty
• Customer Service Assistance
• Event Ushering
• Chapel Ushering
• Event Setup & Teardown
• Event Ticket Sales
• Event Concession Sales
• Community Outreach Events
• Prayer Vigils
• Fundraising Events
• New Student Recruitment
• Summer Camp Counseling

In addition to these opportunities, VIP will periodically organize campus-wide volunteer events in which all Ambassadors are invited to attend.

Furthermore, VIP Ambassadors can volunteer to work at specific buildings on campus.




Our Global Recruitment Ambassadors are invited to participate in whatever way he or she sees fit, whether that be casually discussing college opportunities with friends, or giving a presentation at a local high school or church. VIP will ensure that Global Recruitment Ambassadors are equipped with all of the necessary information such as pamphlets, degree plans, financial breakdowns, scholarship forms, student testimonials, and more!


Getting Started

To apply to become an ORU VIP Ambassador, click here. Please allow for up to one week for Conference & Event Services to get in contact with you. If you would like to find out more about how VIP operates, click here.