Faculty and Staff

Internal Request

It has been just over one year since the CES/Facility Services department launched the use of EMS (Event Management Systems) for university events. This program finally brought us into the 21st century, and allowed departments to reserve spaces and resources for events online. Through this transition, the triplicate forms were still being accepted for reserving and advancing events.  Conference and Event Services is happy to announce that Facility Services Requests (FM130) will no longer be available from the ORU Business Center and no longer be used for event facilitation. Please be aware that EMS can ONLY be accessed from the ORU Intranet (when logged on to an ORU server) and not from the Internet. Refer to the ORU EMS Manual for further instructions.

In an effort to be environmentally friendly, we will be collecting all old forms for recycling (any version that you may have). Please send your discarded forms to:

Conference & Event Services, Mabee Center, M18 (Mezzanine)

By now all usernames and passwords for faculty and staff have been distributed to each department.  Should you have any questions on how to submit an online requisition or need an EMS user manual, please see your department secretary or administrative assistant.  For specific questions regarding EMS, event equipment, resources and services we provide please contact the University Calendar Office, x6418.

All outdoor signage for events must be approved in advance. Outdoor signage can be requested through Graphics in the Marketing Department.

Food Service

Sodexo Food Services is the exclusive catering contractor for Oral Roberts University. All events needing food service must be scheduled through Sodexo. Please contact Sodexo Catering x 6359 for more information.

Information Numbers

Conference and Event Services x 6418

Campus Audio Services x 7854

Conference and Event Services FAX x 7468

Sodexo Catering x 6359

A/V Services x 6413