Summer Conferencing 2016

Posted on: May 13th, 2016 by CES

ORU Conference & Event Services takes pride in offering the very best facilities for hosting your own camp or joining a current camp we already offer. Our 11 available buildings on campus have been renovated and updated within the last 8 years. Take a look at our commercial to view some of the available ORU campus facilities.

This summer offers some of the best camp experiences around! Our summer is filled with many different camp options including basketball camps, swimming lessons, and for the first time ever Camp Hammer at ORU, which will be hosted in the Armand Hammer Alumni-Student Center!

These camps will surely be an absolute wonderful experience for all who attend! Rochelle Barnes, director of Camp Hammer at ORU, gives a little insight into the heart behind this summer camp: “The goal of this camp is really to appeal to kids for what their interests are. For example: there are kids that are interested in arts, we’re going to have things related to that. We’ve tried to be very intentional about the kind of camps we’re offering them. We want to provide enjoyment and entertainment. And because it’s ORU, we’re not leaving the God factor out because it’s summer camp. God is still a part of it.”

So whether your child is a basketball super star or the next Van Gough we hope this summer will be one they’ll never forget. For a complete list of summer camps visit For inquiries or information regarding summer camps and conferences, please call (918) 495-6409. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

ORU faculty, staff, students, off-campus clients, patrons and camp directors can now check out our plethora of possibilities and easily obtain information about hosting events in our ORUCES Catalog.